A ‘Sucker Punch’: Some Women Fear Setback to Hard-Won Rights

At 88, Gloria Steinem has long been the nation’s most visible feminist and advocate for women’s rights. But at 22, she was a frightened American in London getting an illegal abortion of a pregnancy so unwanted, she actually tried to throw herself down the stairs to end it. 카지노사이트 Her response to the Supreme Court’s … Read more

‘Hands off human rights defenders’: Gabriela denounces ‘unjust arrests’ of women advocates

In its so-called “Free Our Sisters, Free Ourselves” campaign, alliance of Filipino women Gabriela spearheaded a protest of action on Friday morning to stand against the arrests of all women rights advocates in the country who are now facing “trumped-up” charges. 카지노사이트 Among those who were recently arrested were De Vera, a human rights abuse … Read more

The Fight for Women’s Rights in the Past and Present

The meaning of “women’s rights” 카지노사이트 has varied through time and across cultures. Today, there is still a lack of consensus about what constitutes women’s rights. Some would argue a woman’s ability to control family size is a fundamental women’s right. Others would argue women’s rights fall under workplace equality or the chance to serve … Read more

10 Women’s Rights Organizations You Can Support This Election Season (And Always)

The good news is: There are plenty of women’s rights organizations you can donate to right now. The problem is, where do you start? We’ve previously covered how you can make charitable giving a part of your normal budget, but figuring out which organizations to donate to can be tricky.  카지노사이트 Pick any issue and there’s certainly an organization … Read more

Voices of Women and Girls Essential to Fight for Human Rights

Around the world, we see stigmatization, harassment and outright attacks used to silence and discredit women who are outspoken as leaders, community workers, human rights defenders and politicians,” said Peggy Hicks, Director of the Thematic 카지노사이트 Engagement, Special Procedures and Right to Development Division of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, … Read more

Ladies’ Balance Day Is an Update That the Battle for Ladies’ Freedoms Didn’t End With the nineteenth Amendment

The centennial of the day the nineteenth Amendment produced results isn’t the main noteworthy event to be denoted this August 26, which was assigned as Ladies’ Correspondence Day by the U.S. Congress in 1973. It was on that day in 1970 that more than 100,000 ladies — and a few men — rampaged the country … Read more

Ladies’ Basic freedoms

All through the world ladies keep on confronting inescapable types of separation, viciousness and unfairness since they are ladies. 카지노사이트 Regulation and lawful cycles proceed to fundamentally instill and support separation and imbalance looked by ladies, to sustain the denials of basic freedoms they face, and to deny ladies viable legitimate security, cure and repayment. … Read more